The Evidence for the Efficacy of Nosodes

There are no published double-blind, placebo-controlled trials examining the effectiveness for infectious disease prophylaxis of any homeopathic nosodes approved by Health Canada. Using PubMed, the journal repository of the National Institutes of Health in the United States, we produced a list of studies that are related to the nosodes approved by Health Canada. None of the studies, save one, are randomised controlled trials (RCT) and many were published prior to 1980, with a very heavy reliance on anecdotes. Most are only tangentially related to the use of nosodes for homeoprophylaxis.

Isaac Golden, a homeopath and researcher from Australia, offers data that he produced for his Ph.D. thesis on homeoprophylaxis1. This data was never published in a peer-reviewed journal, has poor statistical analysis of qualitative research, and was collected retrospectively by Golden from his own patient records. In our opinion, it can be read as no better than an elaborate anecdote that only confirms Golden’s pre-conceived notion that his own vaccine replacement program works2. It is very poor evidence indeed, and hardly scientific.

Often, irrelevant studies for non-nosodes or for nosodes that are not approved for use in Canada are cited by homeopaths like Kate Birch, in her book The Solution: HP: The Vaccine Alternative3, as evidence of efficacy for the entire class of preparations4,5,6. This makes little sense; we do not accept one positive study of ASA as evidence of efficacy and safety of all NSAID pain relievers.

While there are no systematic reviews available to summarize the current consensus on nosodes, Linde et al7, and Shang et al8 summed up homeopathy in general by concluding that there is little evidence to support the idea that homeopathy is better than placebo. Therefore, given the lack of good scientific evidence, Canadian practitioners who recommend the use of nosodes for the prevention of infectious disease and Canadian consumers who choose nosodes for this purpose, do so in the absence of a strong evidence base.


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The following list of studies is the result of a search of PubMed regarding the nosodes registered by the NHPD. If you are aware of any other studies that concern currently approved nosodes, please email us at

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