Please send this letter, with any personal touches you would like to make, to Health Minister Rona Ambrose, and the opposition health critics, Andre Bellevance (BQ), Jane Cordy (LPC), Libby Davies (NDP), Hedy Fry (LPC), and Djaouida Sellah (NDP).



Re: Stop Licensing Homeopathic Nosodes

Dear Ms. Ambrose,

I am writing you today to urge the Government of Canada to force the Natural Health Products Directorate of Health Canada to cease issuance of DIN-HM numbers for nosodes, and revoke those of all currently registered nosode products, as their approval by Health Canada exposes Canadians to undue risk of contracting pertussis, measles, and other potentially fatal diseases.

Despite Health Canada’s prohibition not to, Homeopaths and Naturopaths across Canada advertise nosodes to the public as effective vaccine alternatives. As a result, when Canadians choose nosodes they are acting on false assurances and receive a dangerous undue sense of protection.

In addition, every Canadian who chooses nosodes over vaccination decreases herd immunity in their community, exposing themselves and others to further unnecessary risk. The outbreaks of measles, influenza and pertussis in recent years due to falling vaccination rates are evidence of the danger in this.

Furthermore, the approval of nosodes by Health Canada serves to undermine its own policies on vaccination and works in direct opposition to its work with Immunize Canada.

I urge you to think foremost of the health and safety of Canadian families and stop the licensing of nosodes.


Mr(s). Smith


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