Nosodes Approved by Health Canada

In order to be legally sold in Canada, homeopathic remedies of any kind must obtain market authorization from the Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD) at Health Canada. The NHPD currently licenses 82 nosode products that are used to treat and prevent a variety of vaccine-preventable diseases, including influenza, pertussis, measles, and polio. By issuing a Natural Health Product number to a product, the NHPD assures Canadians the product is “safe, effective and of high quality”1. However there is no scientific evidence showing any medical benefit from these preparations, prophylactic or otherwise. In fact, no scientific evidence of efficacy is actually required before a nosode is approved for sale as “effective”, and a product can be given approval based on no more than a reference to a non-scientific traditional homeopathy reference2.

The approved purpose for these preparations is “to be used on the advice of a healthcare practitioner”, with no other indication or claim. This means the medication is approved for no specific purpose. We know that one of the primary uses of nosodes prepared with infectious agents is homeoprophylaxis, with such products advertised as “vaccine alternatives”. The following 82 prophylactic nosode products are listed in the Natural Health Product database at Health Canada, as of March 2013. N.B. Some products on this list may have been removed from the database since that time and new ones may have been added.

Note: since the original publication of this page, Health Canada has added a warning to the labeling standards of nosodes. Now the label must state that “This product is not intended to be an alternative to vaccination.” Despite this, practitioners may continue to prescribe these products as alternatives as these prescribing rights are outside the jurisdiction of Health Canada to enforce. Sept. 21 2013

NPN or DIN-HM Product Name(s) Nosode(s) Manufacturer
80006324 Bacillinum Pulmo Bacillinum Pulmo B.J. Pharmaceuticals
80019612 Bacillinum Pulmo Bacillinum Pulmo Homeocan
80019613 Bacillinum Pulmo Bacillinum Pulmo Homeocan
80019614 Bacillinum Pulmo Bacillinum Pulmo Homeocan
80006760 Diptherinum Diptherinum B.J. Pharmaceuticals
80032577 Dtp Toxinum Diptherinum, pertussinum, tetanotoxicum Seroyal
80023185 Homeodel 9 Influenzinum Homeodel
80006870 Influenzinum Influenzinum B.J. Pharmaceuticals
80007575 Influenzinum Influenzinum Boiron
80007638 Influenzinum Influenzinum Boiron
80007649 Influenzinum Influenzinum Boiron
80012546 Influenzinum Influenzinum Homeocan
80012547 Influenzinum Influenzinum Homeocan
80012548 Influenzinum Influenzinum Homeocan
80027515 Influenzinum Influenzinum Seroyal
80007614 Influenzinum 9ch, Homeomunyl Influenzinum Boiron
80012471 Influenzinum 9ch, Influenzinum, Influenzinum Prevention, Influenzinum Prévention Influenzinum Boiron
80007643 Luesinum (Syphilinum) Syphilinum Boiron
80007648 Luesinum Syphilinum Boiron
80007664 Luesinum (Syphilinum) Syphilinum Boiron
80008203 Luesinum Syphilinum Seroyal
80005337 Lyssin Lyssin (rabies) Natural Equivalents Inc.
80006705 Medorrhinum Medorrhinum (gonorrhea) B.J. Pharmaceuticals
80007565 Medorrhinum Medorrhinum (gonorrhea) Boiron
80007576 Medorrhinum Medorrhinum (gonorrhea) Boiron
80007579 Medorrhinum Medorrhinum (gonorrhea) Boiron
80018128 Medorrhinum Medorrhinum (gonorrhea) Homeocan
80018129 Medorrhinum Medorrhinum (gonorrhea) Homeocan
80018130 Medorrhinum Medorrhinum (gonorrhea) Homeocan
80032530 Medorrhinum Medorrhinum (gonorrhea) Seroyal
80013673 Medorrhinum-Injeel Medorrhinum (gonorrhea) Heel
80006822 Morbillinum Morbillinum (measles) B.J. Pharmaceuticals
80032574 Muco Coccinum Influenzinum, Klebsiella pneumoniae, micrococcus tetragenus, mucotoxin (bacteria isolated from pnumonia patients) Seroyal
80006597 Pertussinum Pertussinum B.J. Pharmaceuticals
80007562 Pertussinum Pertussinum Boiron
80007566 Pertussinum Pertussinum Boiron
80007584 Pertussinum Pertussinum Boiron
80018115 Pertussinum Pertussinum Homeocan
80018119 Pertussinum Pertussinum Homeocan
80018120 Pertussinum Pertussinum Homeocan
80019770 Pertussinum Pertussinum Seroyal
80006617 Psorinum Psorinum (scabies) B.J. Pharmaceuticals
80008215 Psorinum Psorinum (scabies) Boiron
80008218 Psorinum Psorinum (scabies) Boiron
80008219 Psorinum Psorinum (scabies) Boiron
80022289 Psorinum Psorinum (scabies) Homeocan
80022293 Psorinum Psorinum (scabies) Homeocan
80022328 Psorinum Psorinum (scabies) Homeocan
80008212 Psorinum Psorinum (scabies) Seroyal
80006641 Staphylococcinum Staphylococcinum B.J. Pharmaceuticals
80007583 Staphylococcinum Staphylococcinum Boiron
80007652 Staphylococcinum Staphylococcinum Boiron
80007653 Staphylococcinum Staphylococcinum Boiron
80022239 Staphylococcinum Staphylococcinum Homeocan
80022279 Staphylococcinum Staphylococcinum Homeocan
80022285 Staphylococcinum Staphylococcinum Homeocan
80032535 Staphylococcinum Staphylococcinum Seroyal
80013674 Staphylococcus-Injeel Staphylococcinum Heel
80006680 Streptococcinum Streptococcinum B.J. Pharmaceuticals
80007563 Streptococcinum Streptococcinum Boiron
80007604 Streptococcinum Streptococcinum Boiron
80007702 Streptococcinum Streptococcinum Boiron
80022270 Streptococcinum Streptococcinum Homeocan
80022283 Streptococcinum Streptococcinum Homeocan
80022286 Streptococcinum Streptococcinum Homeocan
80008207 Streptococcinum Streptococcinum Seroyal
80014594 Streptococcus haemolyticus-Injeel Streptococcinum Heel
80022299 Syphilinum Syphilinum Homeocan
80022346 Syphilinum Syphilinum Homeocan
80022350 Syphilinum Syphilinum Homeocan
80033800 Tegor Bio 87 Botulinum, colibacillinum cum natrum muriatricum (Ecoli), pneumococcinum, proteus (enterrobacteria), pseudomonas aeruginosa, salmonella typhi, scarlatinum, staphylococcinum, streptococcinum, tuberculinum Bio Lonreco
80033856 Tegor Bio 88 Coxsackie, diptherinum, Epstein Barr, Herpes simplex, herpes zoster, influenzinum, mononucleosis, morbillinum (measles), poliomyelitis Bio Lonreco
80006656 Tuberculinum Tuberculinum B.J. Pharmaceuticals
80007615 Tuberculinum Tuberculinum Boiron
80007619 Tuberculinum Tuberculinum Boiron
80007633 Tuberculinum Tuberculinum Boiron
80006196 Tuberculinum Tuberculinum Seroyal
80006685 Tuberculinum Bovinum Tuberculinum Bovinum B.J. Pharmaceuticals
80018011 Tuberculinum Bovinum Tuberculinum Bovinum Homeocan
80018012 Tuberculinum Bovinum Tuberculinum Bovinum Homeocan
80018013 Tuberculinum Bovinum Tuberculinum Bovinum Homeocan
80012940 Vaccinum-Injeel Vaccinotoxinum (smallpox) Heel

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